Sonoma Jasna (Listwa MDF)

Lena wall unit


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LENA wall unit

Large and modern - this is the LENA wall unit.

The furniture consists of a large closet with a bar, a linen closet with five shelves, glass display cabinets, drawers, a bar, open niches and a large recess for a TV. It is the perfect solution for people who need a lot of space to store various items, from clothes to books, decorations or electronic equipment. The LENA wall unit allows you to keep your room tidy, while providing easy access to the things you need.

The LENA wall unit is a practical and stylish piece of furniture for people who need one piece of furniture to store all their belongings. Thanks to its well-designed elements, you can store various items in it, display decorative pieces, collections or beloved keepsakes, and create a media corner. In this way, the wall unit becomes not only an entertainment center and a practical solution, but also a decorative element that gives character and individuality to the entire room.

Bet on quality furniture from a Polish manufacturer.

LENA wall unit

Available standard colors:



  • Sonoma Dark
  • Sonoma Light
  • Porto cherry

  • Sonoma Dark (MDF strip)
  • Sonoma Bright (MDF strip)
  • Walnut Okapi (MDF slat)
  • Caramel Oak (MDF slat)
  • Oak Wotan

- Width: 405 cm
- Height: 210 cm
- Depth: 53 cm

The set consists of:
- a very capacious closet with a bar for clothes hangers and a shelf.
- A wardrobe pole with five shelves.
- RTV cabinet with a large recess for the TV (very capacious drawers at the bottom) and an extension in the form of a glass showcase.
- Two cabinets consisting of display cabinets, flaps opening to the bottom, open cabinets, drawers and a bar.

- The furniture is made of the highest quality 18 mm thick double-sided laminated board from Pfleiderer.
- All elements are glued with an extremely resistant 0,8 mm PCV edging, also on the bottom side of the floor. This is an additional protection against moisture during floor cleaning.
- The back walls are made of HDF board laminated on one side (in the color of the furniture body) with a thickness of 3 mm.


Only in e-Meblast you have the opportunity to modify the furniture in terms of:
- dimensions,
- colors,
- parts of which they are composed,
- and even the applied fittings!

Thanks to the modification, you can create furniture perfectly suited to any interior!


Data sheet

405 cm
210 cm
53 cm
420 kg
Body and Front
Particle board laminated on both sides, 18 mm
Rear Walls
HDF board one side lacquered in color, 3 mm
PVC 0.8 mm
Front Finish
MDF or Smooth trim
Door Hinges
GTV canned, applied
GTV Roller Guides
Number of Doors
Number of Drawers

Specific References


Delivery price list

Personal collection
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230 zł
Delivery (cash on delivery)
250 zł
Delivery with deposit
670 zł
Delivery with deposit (paid on delivery)
690 zł

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