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Closet 2D/130

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Sliding closet 2D/130

Choosing the right furniture is extremely important, but not always easy. Especially with the wide selection of products available online. If you do not have a lot of space in your bedroom, a 2D/130 closet with sliding doors may be the perfect solution for you. This will save space in your room.
Sliding closets for the room are a great idea, especially if they will be set in an alcove or corner of the room. You can install such a closet in a strategic place, making the most of the available space.
In the case of models designed for the bedroom, it is worth paying attention to closets equipped with various accessories, such as additional shelves or organizers. This is a great solution for even more organized storage of clothes and accessories.
Choose a closet that is made of high-quality materials from a Polish manufacturer, and you will get a functional solution that will perfectly fit your space and needs.

2D/130 sliding closet


- Width: 130 cm
- Height: 220 cm
- Depth: 64 cm

Equipment / Accessories:

- 2 clothes rack rods (1 for longer clothes, 1 for shorter clothes).
- 6 shelves

Running system:

- The closet is equipped with a top-quality running system from the renowned Sevroll company with a lifetime hardware warranty.
- Aluminum double running tracks with top and bottom guidance - extremely strong metal carts with ball bearings.
- Full-height aluminum handles make it easy to move the door without bending the handles.
- Bumper brushes to prevent knocking on the side of the cabinet.
- Top carriage positioner - thanks to it, the door, when closed, makes contact with the side of the cabinet and there is no possibility of its self-opening.
- Decorative aluminum muntins applied to the door.
- H aluminum connectors (in selected models), so that the colors are perfectly combined into a single sliding door.


- The closet is made of the highest quality 18 mm thick double-sided laminated board from Pfleiderer.
- All elements have been veneered with extremely resistant 0,8 mm PVC edging, including on the bottom side of the floor. This gave the cabinet additional protection against moisture during floor cleaning.
- The back walls are made of 3 mm thick HDF board laminated on one side (in the color of the furniture body).
- Metal clothes rods.
- Problem with uneven floors? The legs of the closet are strong adjustable glides (masked by a clip-in plinth). This makes it easy to adjust the level of the closet.

Key information:

- Included a set of accessories with clear instructions
- Furniture sold in packages for self-assembly
- All our closets are offered with or without mirrors
- Possibility to use full-extension drawers with a self-closing mechanism and door hinges with a silent closing mechanism!


Only in e-Meblast you have the opportunity to modify the furniture in terms of:
- dimensions,
- colors,
- parts of which they are composed,
- and even the applied fittings!

Thanks to the modification, you can create furniture perfectly suited to any interior!


Data sheet

130 cm
220 cm
64 cm
180 kg
Body and Front
Particle board laminated on both sides, 18 mm
Rear Walls
HDF board one side lacquered in color, 3 mm
PVC 0.8 mm

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