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The furniture we offer can be tailored to your individual needs. Among other things, we offer the possibility of:
  • change of dimensions,
  • change of colors and stylistics of sets
  • increase in standard and specificity of applied fittings and accessories
  • change of furniture equipment
  • change of number or arrangement of shelves
  • glazing or filling of doors/shelves
  • unlimited use of mirrors
  • (What else can we do for you?)

All this gives us unlimited possibilities to compose furniture perfectly suited to your needs and expectations!

Special attention in this regard is directed towards our range of closets. Making closets to size, we can make "built-ins" tailored "to the touch" to any room. All you need to do is to give us the exact dimensions from floor to ceiling and between the walls (it can be an alcove), and we will calculate the necessary minimum assembly gaps (so that you have a comfortable and safe installation option) and completely free of charge to the order we will add from ourselves specially calculated masking strips in the colors of furniture! Thanks to this, you can easily, on your own, get a perfectly matched to the room custom furniture, made to measure, after the installation of which there will be no gaps left at the ceiling or wall! We are the only ones who give such opportunities in the sale of furniture at a distance! Furniture 100% custom-made but for self-assembly! This gives you huge savings for your household budget.
Here you have the opportunity to change the dimensions of the closet, its interior as well as the choice of colors and design of the doors and the entire set.

Of course, we provide professional advice in this regard, adjusting the order to the area and potential of the room, as well as your needs.

We price such orders individually. Feel free to contact us, we are at your service!

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