Delivery by courier service

Always before shipping furniture we contact you to determine a convenient day of delivery of furniture. We will adapt with the delivery to you, if necessary we hold the furniture and wait for a suitable delivery date which you set!

Delivery of our furniture is carried out by courier companies on Wooden Pallets, so that on the way no one even touches your furniture, does not flip packages with furniture! Only the pallet is moved from car to car. Thanks to this we are sure that the ordered furniture will arrive whole and safely to you. The pallets are additionally secured with stretch film to avoid even shifting of packages during transport.


We offer you the opportunity to bring in the furniture purchased from us, regardless of the number of floors or the lack of an elevator! The lifting service is paid additionally and the possibility of its purchase is available during selection of the form of payment/transport.

Delivery time

The total order processing time is the sum of the shipping time shown on the product page and the delivery time. Delivery time is given and counted in working days - this is the maximum time and we do our best to make the realization faster than the maximum value given on the page, next to each product.


The cost of delivery depends on the weight of the furniture and the size of the pallet on which they must be shipped. The total cost of delivery is listed next to each product. In addition, the cost of delivery is affected by the form of payment, when paying on delivery there is a small cash collection fee for the courier.

Romania: 800 PLN
Germany: 900 zł
Czech Republic: 600 zł
Lithuania: 500 zł

Instructions for proper receipt of the shipment from the courier:

  • We always contact you by phone before sending the shipment in order to determine a convenient delivery day for you. The date you declare to receive the shipment is binding, if through the fault of the recipient (during delivery) the date of receipt of the shipment is changed - this will incur additional costs!
  • If you want to have direct contact with the courier making the delivery, please send us an SMS message (on the day of delivery) with your name and place of delivery, and in response you will receive the phone number of the driver (we usually respond within 30 minutes, depending on the speed of response from the courier company).
  • Please let us know if it is impossible to reach the place of delivery with a car over 3.5 tons! This is very important because our courier mostly moves by trucks and the lack of information about the prohibition of entry can significantly extend the delivery of goods!
  • Delivery of our furniture is handled by an external courier company. After receiving the shipment from us, the courier 99% delivers it on the second working day. However, the courier company reserves the right to delay by 1-2 business days due to external factors beyond their control, such as car breakdowns, bad weather or traffic accidents.
  • After the shipment is sent, you will receive an email with the shipment number from the courier (depending on the circumstances, it will be Rohling SUUS, Ambro Logistics or Zadbano) giving you the opportunity to track the shipment and know the approximate time of delivery to you!
  • If you order large sliding cabinets, it may happen that the running tracks of the sliding system will come to you by a separate transport (Zadbano company) than the cabinet itself. This is a standard logistic procedure for the correct, safe delivery of items that require extra attention. Please check the running tracks with the courier! It will be only one long package - please open it at the courier and check the condition of the running tracks! Only if you report the damage at the courier, we will be able to recognize the complaint and send you new tracks at no cost.
  • Please remember to check the package at the courier. The pallet will be all sharpened, if there is any damage to the film please check the condition of the cartons in which the furniture is packed. If the cartons are damaged or torn please carefully check the condition of the items in the areas of carton damage. If any of the elements are damaged - please write down the damage protocol (which has a courier) and take a photo of the damaged shipment. After these actions, please contact us.
  • If there will be any doubts about the condition of the shipment (shifted packages, tilted pallet, etc.), please contact us. - Please contact me immediately by phone at: 606989094, in the presence of the courier! If possible, please also take a photo of the shipment if it raises any of your doubts.
  • Damage to our shipments practically does not happen because we pay special attention to securing the goods. Our furniture is shipped on pallets exceeding the area of the parcels, but in transit anything can happen, so please check the shipment with the courier.
  • Please remember to arrange help to carry packages (two people are enough, but one is definitely not enough!) - Not applicable to transport with purchased carrying service.

In the case of delivery of furniture by Zadbano company with purchased carrying service - the customer DOES NOT bring the furniture into the apartment, the courier company employees are obliged to bring all items of the shipment to the place indicated by the customer. Regardless of the floor or the presence of an elevator.

  • Pages for tracking the shipment:

Personal Collection

In addition to the standard courier delivery, there is, of course, the possibility of free personal collection of goods at the company's headquarters at: 16-010 Studzianki, Łącznikowa Street 2.